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Our studies have shown that the higher the amount of social jetlag in people, the more likely these people tend towards being a smoker, opposed to those with only little or no social jetlag – a correlation with increased stress due to `living against the internal clock` being central. The individual amount of social jetlag in turn depends on how strong over the workweek an individual is forced to deviate ones actual sleep times from ones biologically determined sleep times (given by the internal clock, which controls almost all bodily functions with a daily rhythm). This means that, for example, a late Chronotype builds up a sleep deficit if her work start is set too early and, this sleep deficit can mostly only be compensated on free days (Which in turn often is the too short weekend!). The more someone lives against the internal clock, the higher the amount of social jetlag and correspondingly: the chronic stress. Because smoking now is a common countermeasure against stress, a relation emerges between sleep, social jetlag and tobacco consumption that need to be explored in more detail. In addition, animal experiments could show that pure Nicotine directly influences the activity phase: Nicotine in the early evening resulted in a delay of the activity phase (the animals got active later as without the drug) and Nicotine in the early morning resulted in a phase advance (the animals got active earlier), an effect that can be observed very similarly after controlled light exposure. However, we still do not know if smoking might also make humans late(r) and/or if late types indeed are just more likely smokers, why we want to study your sleep and smoking behaviour. Further, we do not solely want to compare smokers with non-smokers, but we also want to follow smokers on their way to becoming a non-smoker, to study how their sleep behaviour and social jetlag changes.

Do we raise your interest?
Do you eventually already plan to quit smoking?
Do you have the feeling that your sleep is affected through your smoking behaviour?

If you can answer one of these questions with `Yes`, we are happy to welcome you to our study - Questionnaire for smokers

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  Questionnaire for smokers

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